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Monday, June 17, 2013

Absolute Write June Blog Chain: BUGZ!

I love bugs. Simply and honestly. A frank statement from the bottom of my heart. There is a reason for that, and I will get to it. The thing about me is...I live on a corner of a street under the ground.

Literally, I go out during day time, work, bring home food like we all do and go back under ground. Sadly there is no electricity at our place. I say our place because I share my home with others. But on the other hand, I am happy that we don't have electricity. It actually happens to be a stupid invention. I see light bulbs kill every day. And the victims never learn a lesson. They always are attracted to the light bulb. :(

In winter, I stay indoors at all times. No matter the weather shall I go out. I am a bit of an Agoraphobic. But none of my "room mates" really ever go out in winter so I feel a little bit more normal.

I think that venturing too far from my place is very very risky. Because if I don't come home on time, those assholes will literally shut me out and I'll have to wait the whole night to get back home. AH! It happened one night and it was a frightening experience.

You see, this is what happened...I sensed sugar. Sugar, do you realize that I just HAD to go after it? SUGAR people. It was sugar. So of course I forgot EVERYTHING and ran into the direction the sugar wave was coming from. I came to a whole PILE of sugar. Heaven. I wanted to kiss myself for getting all this sugar, it would be a treat for everyone. But before I brought it back, I had to taste it for myself. So I start to feast on some sugar and there I am, on the sidewalk, eating sugar.

Suddenly, a large spider comes my way. Shit! Just my luck. A spider. A fairly large spider coming to my sugar. At first, I hid. And to my surprise the spider actually came after me, into the god darn bush. I sat there screaming for him to go to the sugar. Yep, that was kind of stupid. Eventually, I managed to hide in a tiny hole as the spider left and went back after the sugar. When I grab some sugar to take home, I see the spider again and not only a spider. There is a giant foot trying to kill me. And it squishes the spider.

So forget the sugar!

I run as fast as I can for my life. And I manage to make it home just barely. There I realized...All insects are my friends and the worst enemies are those giant feet that go around squashing everything.


Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you enjoyed C:


Friday, June 14, 2013

I met TWO agents in person!

So I thought this is actually an interesting fact.

And it was.

I actually did meet two agents in person which happened to be close to where I live. Which is near Toronto Canada.

The first agent I met I was very excited to meet. He was afar in Toronto, so me and my folks drove there.

He hadn't read my novel, but he had said that he liked the start and wanted to represent me. I just turned 17 at the time and was well...You can imagine ecstatic about the whole idea. WOW! Finally. Well, we got there and he happened to be with a contract. Apart from the fact that this ended up being a very elderly guy who could barely move, he was very disrespectful...Not only to us but also the waiters. Heck, he pretty much yelled at the waiter just because the guy misunderstood him.

Then there was the topic about the book. He said he didn't even need to read the novel. He would just represent it. He also started to name big shots that he had worked with. Fine, cool, but I don't take any BS, honest. So I was already getting a bit annoyed with his attitude and oddness alerts. He said he would simply send out a query to the publishers and sometimes they didn't even pay attention to him.

Well, we left on ok terms I suppose. I don't like to burn bridges, but the dude sent me a contract which was completely whack. And that was it. I'd just rather not deal with this. I realized he was also a red star and had warnings posted online about him.

Then there was another agent I met. This one on the other hand is from a reputable agency. It was really a fast meeting and he mostly told me that at 17, I should work more and wait and write before publishing the novel. Despite of that he read my novel and gave me great advice and invited me to rewrite and resubmit. At the time, it was upsetting, yes...But now, the novel has gotten so much better that I am so HAPPY that I hadn't published it.


So what were your "live" experiences with agents?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Telling THE Story

Through art you tell a story and I think more of how that story may sometimes be lost when you are writing a novel. STRUCTURE. Sentences...All that blah, yadda da starts to make a story almost generic. And I read lots of stories which I felt almost lacked the juice of emotion in them.

Music per say...Is all about emotion, and in a song, you tell a story.


I Love song-writing! It's amazing how much meaning you can add into lyrics apart from adding the sound which gives it the ultimate story. Thanks to my sis for the awesome picture of me. She's really into Photoshop, so if you ever need anything done, hit me up. So how do you focus on just telling the story?

I feel that many of us start to focus on what people will think. What the agent is looking for. We start to write what we think THEY want to read. And AHHH, that's all messed up. I mean, I do it too sometimes, subconsciously and so many writers do.

I can't say it more than I can write it, if that even makes sense. Write what you feel. What YOU feel. Obviously writing is often about stepping into another persons shoes, and all the more that would be acting. And acting doesn't always turn out well unless you're good at it. So don't ever seize or feel that you should hide your emotions in your writing. Because it's you that will shine.

Let me know how you spill your emotions in your writing...Because that's what it's all about. Telling THE story and the truth and emotion behind the plot.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Screw you rejections!

If you feel this way, I can imagine you look like Grumpy Cat.
I took a break from the "Screw You Rejections!" phase. Ahh, it's nice to breath. I'm just kidding. For real, rejections are a part of it.
Almost like anything you do. They are there because they have to be. Imagine all the crappy writing that would be out there if there were no gate keepers? Imagine if my first book was published! Imagine if I wouldn't have been able to change it.
So now, it's more like...
"Thank you rejections, you make me stronger!"
Have a flashy day!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Where to get inspiration?

inspiration is almost an invisible force.
It comes and goes as it pleases. Can you really make it come to you?

Well, sometimes.

For me, inspiration does come and go. Often it is fuelled by seeing certain objects or scenes, and often by music (la la la). I think that sometimes being hurt by something or someone is inspiration. Sad truth, many people never actually care to step into the other's shoes thus end up being arrogant hammer heads which back stab you. Bam. You might hate it. But it's inspiration. Emotion is inspiration. Because for me, that's what are is all about. So here is my list of things that can help inspire you most.

+ MUSIC (Extremely inspirational, and my best top secret source for a good breed of inspiration....SHHH, don't tell)

So there you go, cats.
And for everyone it is different.
Did I mention that the feline species is very inspiring?

If you have anything to add, comment, I'll give you an invisible inspirational hug.

And for lasts, can you find me in this picture?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fresh Start

There is a time for all to take a break from writing.
A very long break. Hmmm, well not really that long.
To be truthful, not too long at all since I just wrote lyrics yesterday. But none the less, a break from the blogging world of writing. And the forum places. And queries. Agents. Tigers and bears and all that good stuff. So now, I have actually been keeping another blog up to date.
That means blogging EVERY GROOOVY day. And I have been at it for quite a bit now. WOOOO! Thank you. But I miss this blog and the fun of blogging. Anyways, if you have yet to notice, I actually rearranged the whole thing. And my background is kind of black and white. Though I think black and white photography is a stunner. For real. I'm going to add a cool picture to lighten up the place once in a while. And Captain Complex? That's a crazy nickname. Don't ask.
 That was from a forest I went for a walk at. Pretty inspirational. So there, cheers to writing blogs! CC:

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hi blogging world. Maybe you missed me? Maybe not.
But here is a poem that recently got published in an awesome e-zine. Enjoy!


He strode

Dark as night

Light shone

Nothing more

Noise and voices



Quiet refusal

Solitude, anger

Atom as one

To be then chewed

By the public

In front of the world

Red apples

Spit beauty

On a splattered canvas.