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Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Chain - 2011

I am a bit late, but none the less, things have been busy. This months AW blog chain is a great idea which I love. It has two parts: First, describe one of your characters in 50 words or less. Second, have that character interview you. (Thanks to Orion from nonexistent books).

Part 1: 1865 - Dusty Cummins is an everything but extraordinary teenager, living in Victorian England. He is shy, introverted, and a bit of an oddball. He is forced to live with a terrible secret. A secret which will change humanity (I won't give that away yet *wink*).  He has shaggy black hair, light skin, a bit of a longer nose, and piercing green eyes.

Part 2:

Go ahead and imagine that it turns out your world isn't real and that there is a persona sitting at a type writer or what you seem to call a, what was it?
A computer, Dusty.
Right. Sitting at a computer and typing away your life. How would you feel about such a revelation?
I think that I would ask them to grant me my desires if I had a chance to speak to them.
Is that an offer?
Not particularly.
How come?
Because life is hard.
That's if you make it hard for me, right?
Basically. Can we return to the interview?
Sure thing.
Yes. If that is really the case, and I don't exist, how did you come up with me? Why come up with a person like me? Why make my life miserable?
Let me just say that you were inspired by a sketch of mine.
Is that so?
This is all very unsettling. I feel like I am on the verge of losing my mind. That's it, isn't it? I made all of this up to drown out reality. I made you up.
If that's what you'd like to think, feel free.
Thank you. I suppose that means I should try to stop talking to myself, in my mind, and try to forget you ever existed.
Goodbye, Dusty.
Hope you enjoyed meeting my oddball protagonist. He isn't much of a talker as you can tell. Don't forget to check out the other participants in the April Blog Chain:

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  1. Hey Aerial - love the "YOU didn't make ME up, I made YOU up" twist! Most unsettling :)

    PS Here's the link to my post for the challenge, which seems to have dropepd off your list:

  2. Thanks and I am SO SO sorry! Icopied this off someone else's post...eeek. Will add your blog!

  3. Perhaps you and he each made the other up, which has a nice Escher-esqe symmetry to it!

  4. Thanks Aimee, and nonexistant books! :D

  5. Go Dusty! He's very bright. Be kind to him, ok? Sounds like he's got quite a few bumps up ahead.

  6. It would be kind of us writers to grant our characters their every desire, wouldn't it? But that's no fun. I love how he said, "I made you up." An interesting thought, for sure.

  7. Claire & Erin: Thanks! Lol, I won't be too cruel to him, hehehe.

  8. Gosh, I'm almost starting to feel sorry for what we do to our characters. Almost.

  9. dianedooley--I hear you. But, we make them suffer because we need someone who we can relate to. A perfect character in a perfect world would make me feel small, angry and insignificant. Great interview, Ariel. I sure felt Dusty's shyness and couldn't help but feel sympathy for him, whatever he is going through.

  10. Hooray for oddball characters! They're my favorite. "I suppose that means I should try to stop talking to myself" - my favorite line. :)

  11. I'll echoes others in saying I really liked the "I made you up" line and the "Why come up with a person like me." I think that's a fantastic question!