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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Awesome, Sunny Days!

Who doesn't love summer? Hey, sometimes we complain but still summer is something that we all want to last forever. Maybe I am just talking for myself here, but that's me. Basically, summer is a great time to write and garner new ideas that will entice your lazy days and compel your imaginations forward. Nothing like the waves crashing against rocks by the seaside to relieve that writers block. :)

To get to the point, today's post is mostly an update. Mostly. Even more so I want to mention that the queries that were sent for critique on Tuesdays will be put up tomorrow. I sincerely and personally apologize for the delay and hopefully you haven't landed an agent yet so that the critique will be useful. Wait, what am I saying? Better off I hope you did but still critiques will come and if you have a query that you want to get critiqued let me know. Though my friend has been a bit busy lately he will get to your queries asap.

Apart from that I just came upon a pretty cool site that you might want to check out. Not kidding go and check it out if you haven't seen it already. There you can paste a paragraph of your writing and it will analyze the structure of your word usage and compare it to those of famous writers. Pretty cool, but really just for the fun of it. Might you guess who I got? Dan Brown. I was pretty surprised because I always thought myself less wordy than him. Hmm. Guess you never know. Anyways the url is: Enjoy and have an awesome Monday!