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Friday, May 28, 2010

Some call it slums some call it nice!

Firstly I have been out from the blogosphere for nearly a week and I have an explanation! I was not just slacking. Last week and weekend I went on a great vacation to Calgary and as I rented a small cottage in a forest area I found that I had more inspiration than ever. If you didn't yet do a writing vacation out in nature it's worth the try!

Secondly, I have 37 followers! Thanks to all who are interested enough to read my blog. Once I reach 100 followers I have a friend who works in the publishing industry (To be specific Penguin). He isn't an editor or one of the major heads that can really get your book published but he knows enough about the business and has offered to critique three winning queries. So help me get there and the contest will be up!

Now to the topic. I was listening to a song called Welcome to Paradise by Green Day and while its not at all about writing some of the lyrics just struck me. Just like some area's of living (in the song) people opinioned on "Some call it slums some call it nice" I believe that goes to writing as well. Hell, sometimes rejections just might be because the editor/agent doesn't like the idea. I mean we are not all the same and that's what makes the world such a great variety. So tell me what you guys think and have a great weekend!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Project Intuition

For today its all about intuition. For me, when I start a project I just know if its really 'the' project or not. Some projects are like little pieces of entertainment and some are the real deal. For me it is all about how I feel about the project. Though I am quite a newbie to writing (I have been writing for probably a year) I do have experience and have started countless projects but I do follow my intuition when it comes to loving a project. Though I don't think I can write as awesome a novel as my debut I have tried out countless ideas from romance to horror and realized that my genre is always fantasy.  (Don't question that panther, lol)

Its that feeling you get when you start a project and you just know that you will have to finish it. Because you just can't not follow your character's journeys and you have to end it for their and your own curiosities sake. It doesn't happen for all the projects I work on. So what about you, how do you know when a project is 'the' project?

Friday, May 14, 2010


So the reason I started these interviews was to get to know the habits and journeys of other writers. Here is Lee Jacobus, who has published a book of short stories, and his newest novel Crown Island.
Firstly can you tell us a little bit about your novel ‘Crown Island' ?

Crown Island, the most beautiful of the Granite Islands ranging out from Quarrytown, a harbor community in Connecticut, is the magical world of Marie Wainwright and Peter Chello. Their love defies their differences in class, status, age, and culture. They are fated by the Gods to follow a challenging path. While married to others, they keep their love alive for thirty years. Marie, a famous writer who has always lived on Crown Island, brings a world of knowledge to Peter, while Peter brings the muse back to her after the loss of her family in a boating accident. Marie's novels become celebrated and Peter, an artistic stonemason and builder, discovers a richness in life that could never have been his had he not fallen in love with Marie. His path leads him to an understanding of how to share the gifts of love and life that he receives from his Idyll on Crown Island while staying true to his roots and his affection for Quarrytown. An adult story in an adult novel.
What is your writing background up until now?
I published quite a bit of poetry and many short stories when I was in my twenties and thirties, and in my forties I had several plays produced in showcase settings in NYC and NJ. I have published a number of scholarly books and university level textbooks with major publishers such as McGraw-Hill, St. Martins Press, Bedford Books, Oxford UP, and others.
What inspired your idea for your currently published novel?
Primarily an affection for the Connecticut harbor community that is the setting for my book. I lived in or next to it for more than 20 years. The Jamesian “germ” of the novel, though, was the vision of a woman standing on one of the islands looking out to sea one summer evening. From that everything else seemed to spring.
Do you have any specific daily writing routines you stick to?
Yes, it is essential to write every day. I set myself a minimum and maximum number of pages: never fewer than two; never more than five.
So now that you have published ‘Crown Island ’ are you planning a next novel we should be looking forward to?
Yes, “Crown Island” is the first of a series of Quarrytown Novels. Its subject is romantic love and the social context of Quarryton. The next, “An Alligator Ministry,” is essentially a comic novel whose basic theme is religion. A part-Seminole preacher comes into town and sets up his alligator ministry, which then polarizes Quarrytown. The third book is “Sins of the Fathers,” which examines a university professor’s painful relationship with his father, who felt he had made all the wrong choices in his life. Indirectly, one of the issues of the book is the significance of real estate and conducting a business, as opposed to choosing a life of the mind.
After you completed ‘Crown Island ' how difficult was it for you to land an agent?
Extremely difficult. I tried more than 50 agents and while some were interested, none felt that they could make any money with the book. It doesn’t have that commercial dazzle one needs in the first 10 pages. Only three agents asked to see the first three chapters.
The moment you got a positive reply with an offer for representation, what were your initial thoughts? I never got one from an agent. However, I had sent another book, “Volcanic Jesus: Hawaiian Tales,” to a major press and got a quick positive response. The Editor asked to see the novel I was working on, Crown Island, and helped me reshape some of the beginning of the novel and things looked great, but she left the house and no other editor there wanted the book. My original editor essentially disappeared.
How many rejections did it take for you to finally land that agent?
As I said, at least 50 and probably more.
Would you have any advice for aspiring writers?
First, write every day. Second, be sure to read constantly, especially the work of important writers. Read Publishers Weekly, Poets and Writers, but center yourself in the kind of writing you respect most. Then, before you query an agent, have your book professionally edited. After that, go online to an agency and see what the recommendations are for preparing a prospectus for your book.
Would you have done anything differently?
As it is, I along with three other published writers, formed an artists’ co-operative press, Hammonasset House Books, and then learned how to produce our books, get them up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other online sellers, and also with Ingram, the largest book wholesaler in the country. We learned more than most writers do about the business of publishing. Some very prominent well published writers are following this path because they have been rejected by their own publishers on the basis of slack sales. It’s tough out there. The basic point is that we now know we can get our books out to the public and that we have complete control over design and editorial issues. And our books will be in print as long as we wish. At this moment they are moving onto the Kindle, and we are learning how to market our books online.

Thanks so much for your interview! I agree, that the key is to keep writing and keep trying. You can visit Lee's website and blog, make sure to leave a comment and follow. Have an awesome day!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Writing Influences...YOU!

I have already talked about influences of writing when it comes to noticing someone and placing them in your novel, or playing with previous ideas and adapting them into one, but for today it's a much different topic...

When I first started writing I started to think like a writer. Even more so as I continued. In fact I started to watch movies in different ways and read books in different ways. More so, I think I enjoyed books more before, because as a writer I start noticing all those nitpicky things writers notice and then the book sort of looses that awesomeness it had before for me...Like I might turn back to a book I used to love and realize its so damn cliché, what were they thinking? Movies, I start thinking about how I would write a story like that. How the writer would describe how the plot progresses and the certain action elements that happen. I start to wonder whether it would be as elaborate and whether it would be as persuasive as it is in the movie...hmmm....Which one would be better? So how about you? Did little things in your life change when you started to write?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Awesomesauce award :)

Yay! I got an award over at CipherQueens blog and I thought I would share it with you guys, because she decided to make it a most linked award sort of thing.  Even if the people you award it to don't take it and repost, let's link as many people as we know, alright? Ok so since those are the rules, I give this award to all the wonderful writers that follow my blog :) Feel free to hand this award out to all your followers guys and have an awesome saucy day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

**Interview with Piero Rivolta Novelist/Poet**

Hello Guys! I am posting allot today but it's needed and I am not going to delay the interview with another great writer and poet...Piero Rivolta who's debut novel was originally written in Italien, wow. Firstly can you tell us a little bit about your novel ‘The Castaway’?

It’s a journey of two characters, one a Jesuit priest with a complicated love life behind him and a former Wall Street businessman now living in Sarasota, Florida, whose story of true love was impacted by the tragic events of September 11th. Both trapped in time find redemption in a new land – the Yucatan – and a new sense of what earthly existence is all about in their admiration for the same woman. Though this shared sentiment, they not only renew their taste for life, but achieve oneness with God and his grace.
What is your writing background up until now?
I have been a writer and poet all my life, despite a business career that has included making luxury sport cars in Italy, raising race horses, building shopping centers, condos and residential communities, and manufacturing custom-designed yachts and motorboats
What inspired your idea for your currently published novel?
I believe that we must reintroduce poetry into everyday life, follow our intuition, court simplicity and counter the overemphasis on reason and complexity favored by our government, corporations and media.
Do you have any specific daily writing routines you stick to?
No, I go in spurts, depending on my schedule and other commitments.
So now that you have published ‘The Castaway’ are you planning a next novel we should be looking forward to?
I am working on two books of poetry.
After you completed ‘The Castaway’ how difficult was it for you to land an
agent?I don’t have one because I never found one beneficial for me. These days you have to paddle your own canoe.
The moment you got a positive reply with an offer for representation, what
were your initial thoughts?
I hope this person can do the job.
Would you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Enjoy yourself when you write. If you write form the heart with simplicity, you will find somebody that understands your message.
Would you have done anything differently?
Work less, think more for myself, write more, and not be disappointed by the superficiality of the government, media and financial institutions whose shortsightedness extends only to the next day or day after.
Wow, thanks Piero! From doing these interviews I have learned that every writer has an EXTREMELY different and unique journey and so do we all. Some land agents, some don't need to, can't or don't want to. But what I learned firstly and foremost is that there is always a way out there for your book. So guys I am really looking for guest Posters, if you are interested let me know. Tootles for now!

AW May musical blogchain

I posted a post on music before and I love music. I love listening to it when I write, and I love playing the music I listen to :)

When I write, I suppose my music changes. I do have a certain playlist that I like to listen to and that reminds me of my characters, but it highly depends on the scene for me. Let me break it down here...For example during a love scene or something of that sort I would listen to Still Loving you by the Scorpions. When my MC is down or upset I go for something like...wake me up when September ends or boulevard of broken dreams by Green Day. Yet during a war scene I may listen to something like Your Betrayal or Poison by Bullet for My Valentine.

I think music is a great way to stimulate writing and to get you in the mood. If you are a person that is easily distracted by lyrics I would suggest listening to instrumental records (I don't mean classical necessarily by that). When I turn on my awesome I Pod which I carry everywhere probably my fingers start typing. It helps me concentrate and music portrays those vital emotions which you need while writing that scene, that will make a whole difference in the novel.

Personally my MC if I compare him to music really reminds me of a song called What I've done, in a way. At the same time he is a fighter, so you can mix up that with Your Betrayal and you get him. These two songs really portray what is happening in his life. He is looking back at what he has done, all the pain he has caused and how the ones closest to him betrayed and played with his trust, leaving him a lone warrior.

She is very kind, generous and naive. I would have to have her share her character with the song called Viva la Gloria by Green day, because at the same time she does have a darker stronger world which she tends to hide from others. Still she isn't manipulative and is rather straight forward. Go Tiya!

Out of the blue good guy. His whole focus is figuring out the greater good and serving his nation. He is set upon his morals and won't change them for the world. A bit stubborn at times, yet fearless, I have to associate him with the song called Still Loving You, because he is extremely devoted to his loved ones and goes through allot of hassle to keep it that way.

Overall I think music has great influences of listeners and of course writers. What about you?

Here is a list of some bands you should listen to...

- Bullet for My Valentine
- Scorpions
- Slipknot
- Hinder
- Green Day
- Finger 11
- Linkin Park
- All American Rejects
- Metallica

This was my post for the AW May blog chain. Here are the rest of the awesome participants and bloggers, and sorry I am late guys. Make sure to go by their blogs and check em out. Have an awesome day!

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Tick Tock...Goes the Clock...

Time is a gift, yet at the same time an evil thing that haunts all of our lives. It ticks, it tocks and passes, rises and falls and makes us want to turn it back. Yes, Time (sigh) goes by way too fast and though said so many times, it leaves me pondering on the subject of how much more I could do if I had more time. Hey, Leonardo Davinci only slept for 15 minutes every 2 hours or so, but unfortunately I live in the city, I work and I can't sleep every two hours and lurk in the night, which I do too often already (working that is, I am no vampire *snickers*). Seriously here though, one day I plan to do everything and I can't fit writing. Well, because writing was the last on the list in that everything. I am finished my last MS, and working on a new one, but when I worked on my fantasy novel allot of the time I just wrote...Apart from work that is. I sat down and wrote and let myself fall into the story, ignoring all those other things I had to do. I blame that on time. There simply isn't enough of it. Don't you agree? Have you ever felt like the damn ticks were going too fast?

Anyways, yay I have 31 followers, thank you guys for following my blog! If I haven't yet followed you back give me a jingle, no don't call me lol, send me a message. Also I will be having an awesome contest when I reach 100 followers so keep on following :) and I will try to keep on commenting on your blogs. And one more thing...Look out for another interview today.