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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Writing Influences...YOU!

I have already talked about influences of writing when it comes to noticing someone and placing them in your novel, or playing with previous ideas and adapting them into one, but for today it's a much different topic...

When I first started writing I started to think like a writer. Even more so as I continued. In fact I started to watch movies in different ways and read books in different ways. More so, I think I enjoyed books more before, because as a writer I start noticing all those nitpicky things writers notice and then the book sort of looses that awesomeness it had before for me...Like I might turn back to a book I used to love and realize its so damn cliché, what were they thinking? Movies, I start thinking about how I would write a story like that. How the writer would describe how the plot progresses and the certain action elements that happen. I start to wonder whether it would be as elaborate and whether it would be as persuasive as it is in the movie...hmmm....Which one would be better? So how about you? Did little things in your life change when you started to write?


  1. The biggest change I noticed was in reading. I had to learn not to read as a writer and just enjoy the story being told.

  2. Everything changed when I started to write. I can't have a normal conversation, because I'm studying a person's facial features, hand movements and body language.

    I knew exactly what you were talking about with books and movies. I even write in my dreams. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. The infernal, internal editor strikes again.

    One problem, for me, I can see the "mistakes" in other's work, but not in my own. *snarl, snarl*

  4. For myself I started to notice a lot of cliché writing around, sort of like you referenced above, however I also really started paying attention to things that stuck out in an unusual way, language, characters, settings ect.

  5. I watch movies and television shows lately and think about how they are able to visually do things to convey the story that a writer isn't able to. While a writer can really get into a reader's head, I've been thinking a lot about how a show/movie can show an image to the reader that conveys so much. I've been trying to think of ways to do something similar to this with writing without going into a long paragraph or stretch of description. I love the idea of just showing one thing quickly without words. Now if only I can figure out how to do that in a book!

  6. I totally agree with all you guys! I did start being more harsh on book I read and movies I watch.