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Monday, May 17, 2010

Project Intuition

For today its all about intuition. For me, when I start a project I just know if its really 'the' project or not. Some projects are like little pieces of entertainment and some are the real deal. For me it is all about how I feel about the project. Though I am quite a newbie to writing (I have been writing for probably a year) I do have experience and have started countless projects but I do follow my intuition when it comes to loving a project. Though I don't think I can write as awesome a novel as my debut I have tried out countless ideas from romance to horror and realized that my genre is always fantasy.  (Don't question that panther, lol)

Its that feeling you get when you start a project and you just know that you will have to finish it. Because you just can't not follow your character's journeys and you have to end it for their and your own curiosities sake. It doesn't happen for all the projects I work on. So what about you, how do you know when a project is 'the' project?


  1. "The" Project? Isn't a writer supposed to have more than one book in them?

  2. Theoretically, unless you're Harper Lee.

    I think she means "the" project you're preparing to commit to for the next year to so on and so forth...the one that's going to consume your life 'till you write that novel!

    The moment when the project clicks for me is when I start taking everything I'm studying and reverting it to serve my novel...when I start looking at everything happening around me with the mindset of the story, that's when I know I've slipped into a winning role.

  3. I love the panther pic. For myself “the project” is the one which occupies my mind and I can clearly see the entire world its happening in so that when I write its kind of more like a memory then anything. That sounds weird…..

  4. I have to agree with Alyson. When I start to see insubstantial things such as a bottle of honey or a pack of peanuts, and instantly start brainstorming ways I can use them in my story; that's when I know it's "the" project.

    Especially when I cannot be moved from in front of my laptop while doing research for a brewing idea. Those are also the projects that fill those otherwise impatient moments. Standing in line for 30 minutes in the grocery store, I'll fill my time scouting for plot builders or character traits.

  5. Kay: You may have many projects but you always end up really being into one!

    Alyson: That's exactly what I meant!

    SJ: Thanks!I can't agree more!

    Loren: Same here!