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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AW May musical blogchain

I posted a post on music before and I love music. I love listening to it when I write, and I love playing the music I listen to :)

When I write, I suppose my music changes. I do have a certain playlist that I like to listen to and that reminds me of my characters, but it highly depends on the scene for me. Let me break it down here...For example during a love scene or something of that sort I would listen to Still Loving you by the Scorpions. When my MC is down or upset I go for something like...wake me up when September ends or boulevard of broken dreams by Green Day. Yet during a war scene I may listen to something like Your Betrayal or Poison by Bullet for My Valentine.

I think music is a great way to stimulate writing and to get you in the mood. If you are a person that is easily distracted by lyrics I would suggest listening to instrumental records (I don't mean classical necessarily by that). When I turn on my awesome I Pod which I carry everywhere probably my fingers start typing. It helps me concentrate and music portrays those vital emotions which you need while writing that scene, that will make a whole difference in the novel.

Personally my MC if I compare him to music really reminds me of a song called What I've done, in a way. At the same time he is a fighter, so you can mix up that with Your Betrayal and you get him. These two songs really portray what is happening in his life. He is looking back at what he has done, all the pain he has caused and how the ones closest to him betrayed and played with his trust, leaving him a lone warrior.

She is very kind, generous and naive. I would have to have her share her character with the song called Viva la Gloria by Green day, because at the same time she does have a darker stronger world which she tends to hide from others. Still she isn't manipulative and is rather straight forward. Go Tiya!

Out of the blue good guy. His whole focus is figuring out the greater good and serving his nation. He is set upon his morals and won't change them for the world. A bit stubborn at times, yet fearless, I have to associate him with the song called Still Loving You, because he is extremely devoted to his loved ones and goes through allot of hassle to keep it that way.

Overall I think music has great influences of listeners and of course writers. What about you?

Here is a list of some bands you should listen to...

- Bullet for My Valentine
- Scorpions
- Slipknot
- Hinder
- Green Day
- Finger 11
- Linkin Park
- All American Rejects
- Metallica

This was my post for the AW May blog chain. Here are the rest of the awesome participants and bloggers, and sorry I am late guys. Make sure to go by their blogs and check em out. Have an awesome day!

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  1. "Overall I think music has great influences of listeners and of course writers. What about you?"
    I agree with you but when I am writing I prefer not to play any music because then it becomes difficult for me to focus. It is not that I cannot work when there is sound but I like a peaceful condition.

  2. I try to channel the emotion music sparks in me into what I write, and so I choose my music accordingly. I find it to be a great tool.

  3. Razib: I know, it does depend on people.
    Alesa: Exactly! I really agree, that's one of the reasons music helps me write.

  4. Linkin Park always gets my writing juices flowing. I tend to like louder, angrier music when I'm writing - but then, most of my scenes are very active (and sometimes violent), so I guess that fits :)

  5. Yay for Slipknot! Their latest album has a lot of emotion packed behind it. I use it a lot for my writing.

  6. Nice post!
    I do agree that music as a great influence on the listener. Though I tend to write without music when I write at home, some keypoints of the storyline often come to me when I'm riding the bus to work with music in my ears. ;)


  7. I am finding that I "see" people and characters in terms of music and I am really enjoying how the other AW blog-peeps interpret their characters through music as well.

    Our tastes are very different. Heck, I only recognize two of the bands on your list. However, I can get a sense and feel for your tastes and style through those two bands and am interested in the others.

    Well done post and another great link in the chain!

  8. I'm with Ellen--when I write, I like something a bit heavier. Though...I've never been a big fan of Linkin Park (one or two songs, maybe)! My current writing inspiration is Breaking Benjamin. *Swoon* I don't know how I concentrate on writing when those guys make me drool... :D

    Great blog!

  9. Great post! I have never heard of some of these bands (but I am all about Green Day!) and I will check them out. I am always looking for new stuff to listen to.

  10. Ellen: Mine too, though I had to tone it down after my beta read through it :) Yikes but better for YA I guess.

    Abby: What's your fave song?

    Aheila: thanks!

    Terri: Lol. I don't know allot of bands other people listen to either... Which do you recognize just out of curiosity?

    Semmi: I like something heavy too and mostly rock but never heard of that band. I should check them out. I know Bullet For my valentine is metalcore so it should be heavier but for me its so so in the heaviness lol.

    Danielle: Green Day is awesome. I always look for new bands too :)

  11. Great post, xcomplex. I have to agree with everything you say. I still want to learn more about Vitiosus. Dark guys are always the most interesting characters.


  12. Great list of bands! I love how everyone uses music to stimulate! :)

  13. Ooh, as much as I like musical inspiration for my writing, I can't listen (lyrics or not) and write at the same time. The music puts me into story creation mode which may or may not be where my fingers are currently transcribing the story to computer. A mismatch of sorts. So for me, two very vital components of the storytelling process, just sequential and not simultaneous.

  14. Music does indeed influence and add to one's behaviour. It has as much 'good' points as it has its 'bad'. It is wise to acknowledge the power music takes over you, both in a writers frame of mind for a story and in a casual way in every day life. The beauty of music, is how one connects to it, and how they find meaning in it to create something new.

    Beautiful entry, and I like your blog. It's very captivating! I shall return. :)

    Many happy returns.

    For me, live instruments and bands create the most life as

  15. P.S-That last line was not to be part of it, after 'Many happy returns' heehe :)

  16. Theme songs for characters are so important. I know with mine I never quite feel they're whole until that theme song has leaped into my mind!

  17. Degirl : Thanks! That's why I love writing about him lol.

    Aimee: Agreed!

    claire: It does vary eh? Already 2 people that commented that can't listen to music. That's why its awesome! Wouldn't it suck if we were all the same?

    Trulyana: Thanks so much! Can't wait to see you again :D

    Nina: Me too!

  18. Sometimes lyrics do get distracting when I've come to a scene that is a lot of work. Most of the time I'll switch to jazz when that happens. I tend to have theme songs for most characters, too. It seems like there's a lot of us that write to music. :)

  19. I'm familiar with a few of these bands but I'm not sure I could listen to them while I'm writing. ;) I'm with Razib. I prefer quiet when I write but...well, my post will be up soon. It'll explain all.

  20. who are the artists of these songs!

    i love your layout!

  21. This is all very interesting. Maybe because I'm a musician who spends most of her time writing about music, I have trouble listening to it while writing. It demands too much of my consciousness.