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Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 2010 Chain: Meeting V

     Early in the morning, rays of sun shine through the canopies of leaves above me. I take slow steps as I listen to sounds of nature that surround me. My heart thumps. Wasn't I just at my computer writing my latest novel? The sky high trees that surround me are covered in lichens and moss, damp and fresh. Ferns release a woody scent that drifts to my nose. I hear a twig crack nearly a meter away from me and I jump. I know what lurks in these forests, but should I fear it? It is all after all a part of what I created. Behind the thick foliage I see an eye. Light grey and inhuman. That’s when I know it’s him. Vitiosus. We stare at each other for long until he slowly emerges from the bushes. He is tall. Almost a head taller than me, yet he is just like I imagine him.

He is dressed in black clothing, his dark, straight hair hanging right above his shoulders. His sword hangs loosely off his hip. He is so close that I can smell the scent of the forest that is part of him. I see his dagger attached to his lower leg, glinting in the sunlight. A long scar runs all across the left side of his pale face and I feel a stab of guilt for inflicting him pain. He seems so real now and I reach out my hand to touch him. What if he is just an illusion? Maybe this is just a dream. But I stop when he starts to speak.

"What are you doing in these forests?" He asks softly, looking me over. He stares at my jeans and black coat in confusion. As if I have come from a different planet all together. I don't belong. His voice is sulky and mysterious. In fact everything about him sparks my curiosity. How could I know so little of the guy I wrote? My mind itches to warn him off what will happen but I can’t utter a word. I am rooted to the spot mesmerized by his image, by his strange eyes. We stare at each other both in curiosity and doubt. He kneels down to the ground and picks up a small colorful pebble from the ground. He wipes off the dirt and holds it out to me. The pebble has a purple glow to it.

"Take this, you have to leave now." He says to me nodding. I want to say more to him but I know he understands everything I meant to say without words. I look into his eyes one last time and I take the pebble from his cool hand. The minute I touch it, I am back at my computer desk, the pebble still in my hand. The scent of the forest is still tickling my senses. I smile. Could this really have happened?

This is my entry in the Absolute Write Water Cooler Blog Chain April 2010. This month's theme is "What would it be like to meet your novel characters?" I have always wanted to meet my new MC Vitiosus who went from an antagonist to a protagonist. I looked around the net to find any actors that resemble him (He is 18), but I found non that fit my imagination. What would it be like to meet your characters?


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Enjoy all of these great blogs!


  1. Nicely done! Excellent take on the blog chain theme.

  2. Thanks so much Claire! I am glad you liked it.

  3. Wow! I like your guy. He's sexy. And your descriptions are vivid. Pulled me right into your story. Nicely done!

  4. Very nicely done! I'd like to meet him and his forest sounds just dreamy. Him too, by the way. I wouldn't want to get on his bad side though. He sounds like the smooth demeanor can turn predator in a jiffy.
    I suddenly find myself missing my parents' property...

  5. This was refreshing and well written. I'm intrigued by Vitiosus.

  6. Ann - Thanks so much, lol. Its pretty obvious why I just HAD to write a new novel with him in the lead isn't it? ;)

    Thewriteaholicblog - What you say is very true, but who he is devoted to he won't betray. Despite his cool and very calm appearance he is an emotional rumble inside. lol.

    Anarchicq - Thanks so much :)

  7. My character Henri Varennes goes from antagonist to protagonist. Anyway, great blog. Vitiosus is amazingly sexy. I would love to meet him. I mean the tough bad guy is the new 'protagonist'. I'm so drawn in by his character, that I want to read more. YOu've done such a great job with this post, xcomplex.


  8. That was really neat to make it a story! Your character definitely has appeal. ;)

  9. Degirl - Thanks so much! I am really glad you like him as much as I do. Whats funny is that I always tend to lean in to the antagonists so I am sure I would love Henri too. Thats why I was like, why can't my antagonist be my MC?

    Aimee - Thanks! I was going to just write about him like I would write a regular post but it just turned out like a mini story from my POV. LOL. I guess that's exactly how i imagined meeting him. Except I wouldn't have wanted to leave so soon :)

  10. I am left intrigued, wondering about this man and his woods, his sword and what if any meaning to attach to that pebble.

  11. The detail is beautiful, it felt like I was breathing in a dewy forest. This makes me want to meet him:)

  12. Awe, I loved this blog! Everything came alive for me and your hero is a hunk. Very cool how you put yourself into your own writing.


  13. Zahir Blue: Thanks!

    Loren: So glad my piece really made you see the setting. That is just what I was aiming for.

    Stacey: LOL, thanks! :)

  14. Very well written entry. I think that all of us enjoyed this exceptional way of looking at the character. Next time you meet him, don’t forget to tell that we all liked him.

  15. Right on! You got my curiosity sparking.

  16. Razib: Thanks, I would let him know except that I am writing the last scene where he is being executed at the moment, lol. Will let him know after though :D JK

    Raven: Thanks :)