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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My first rejection... :(

I just got my first rejection 30 minutes after I sent off my query. It was a form rejection. Blah! No dear author even and no name or personalization. Rejections are tough but for some reason this just made me laugh. Yes, I can be random like that. For one I sent out 5 query letters and got 1 rejection. I guess there is something wrong with my query if I don't get a partial request after 10 rejections or no replies right? But I didn't send out 10 query letters yet. I guess I am planning to. The only thing I want to know is if I will need to bo going back to the drawing board with my query...I hope not lol. Truthfully though I am not sad or unhappy or even mad because this is just the beginning of my query journey. So how did your first rejection feel?


  1. Pretty shitty, but of course I had no earthly idea what the hell I was doing.

    Have you had anyone (see: other writers) critique your query letter?

  2. Yeah I actually have matthew. It was on the Bransforums and I posted quite a few revisions and got good feedback. I hope its not the query but if it is I am probably going to post it on Evil Editor or something...

  3. Now you know why I'm think of sending queries as waging war. At least, rejections don't draw blood.

  4. Well yes I know Kay. Sending querys is a waging war but I had done it before, gotten rejections, revised and now am doing it again, only now I have a much better story and better query (I am unsure on this one...). Today I got 2 more rejections and these all coming from agents that aren't overally looking for fantasy. They take it but its not their main interest which was ethical non-fiction. Its hard to say if it was my query or the fact that they don't even want my genre or idea. How wll I ever know? I think I am out to get more comments on my query before I start to send again.