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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stretchy Minds

We writers are all about imaginations. About combining different puzzle pieces to create a whole. A different world, a unique person that readers adore and crazy circumstances to place our characters in. Technically what we do is all about creative thinking and of course the imagination centre of the brain. Ok to the actual topic...

As I keep on writing I keep generating weirder and yes you said it, weirder ideas. I mean no regular person would think of something like that, or would they? Writing has even stretched my imagination so far that I start thinking in a different way when I do regular things. For example, I am walking in the park at night (I am no freak I don't stalk people at night :D) and I start brainstorming ideas of what I would do if a pack of blood thirsty werewolves that walk on hind legs come out of the bushes. I know its not going to happen, (yep real life is boring) but I start making up scenes and what would happen and hey, I have an idea. (Yawn, another?).  So my question for today is, how much has your imagination stretched since you first started writing?


  1. I often go on flights of fantasy during my walks, too, but my imagination hasn't stretched as far as I'd like it too, unfortunately. For instance, like the guy who wrote James and Giant Peach. Now that's seriously weird - but it's a great book.

  2. LOL Goog one Margo. I admit it though, mine hasn't stretched as far as that either. I don't know if that is an indicator that we are sane. lol JK