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Monday, June 10, 2013

Where to get inspiration?

inspiration is almost an invisible force.
It comes and goes as it pleases. Can you really make it come to you?

Well, sometimes.

For me, inspiration does come and go. Often it is fuelled by seeing certain objects or scenes, and often by music (la la la). I think that sometimes being hurt by something or someone is inspiration. Sad truth, many people never actually care to step into the other's shoes thus end up being arrogant hammer heads which back stab you. Bam. You might hate it. But it's inspiration. Emotion is inspiration. Because for me, that's what are is all about. So here is my list of things that can help inspire you most.

+ MUSIC (Extremely inspirational, and my best top secret source for a good breed of inspiration....SHHH, don't tell)

So there you go, cats.
And for everyone it is different.
Did I mention that the feline species is very inspiring?

If you have anything to add, comment, I'll give you an invisible inspirational hug.

And for lasts, can you find me in this picture?


  1. Nightmares and nature, fill my inspiration quota to full tilt. If I had to be more specific I'd have to say 'Life'. I've found in order to write one must live life and experience all it has to offer. Can't get any more inspirational than that. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Great post, Ariel! You covered most of my best sources of inspiration. Sometimes I get ideas while watching movies... my imagination focuses on some little visual detail and spins off in a different direction. Also, riding quietly in a car (NOT driving) puts me into a receptive brain mode & inspiration tends to strike. And skimming newspaper headlines--those odd juxtapositions often spark ideas.

  3. Thanks for the comment Ruth! Those are some great inspiration ideas :D