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Friday, June 14, 2013

I met TWO agents in person!

So I thought this is actually an interesting fact.

And it was.

I actually did meet two agents in person which happened to be close to where I live. Which is near Toronto Canada.

The first agent I met I was very excited to meet. He was afar in Toronto, so me and my folks drove there.

He hadn't read my novel, but he had said that he liked the start and wanted to represent me. I just turned 17 at the time and was well...You can imagine ecstatic about the whole idea. WOW! Finally. Well, we got there and he happened to be with a contract. Apart from the fact that this ended up being a very elderly guy who could barely move, he was very disrespectful...Not only to us but also the waiters. Heck, he pretty much yelled at the waiter just because the guy misunderstood him.

Then there was the topic about the book. He said he didn't even need to read the novel. He would just represent it. He also started to name big shots that he had worked with. Fine, cool, but I don't take any BS, honest. So I was already getting a bit annoyed with his attitude and oddness alerts. He said he would simply send out a query to the publishers and sometimes they didn't even pay attention to him.

Well, we left on ok terms I suppose. I don't like to burn bridges, but the dude sent me a contract which was completely whack. And that was it. I'd just rather not deal with this. I realized he was also a red star and had warnings posted online about him.

Then there was another agent I met. This one on the other hand is from a reputable agency. It was really a fast meeting and he mostly told me that at 17, I should work more and wait and write before publishing the novel. Despite of that he read my novel and gave me great advice and invited me to rewrite and resubmit. At the time, it was upsetting, yes...But now, the novel has gotten so much better that I am so HAPPY that I hadn't published it.


So what were your "live" experiences with agents?