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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fresh Start

There is a time for all to take a break from writing.
A very long break. Hmmm, well not really that long.
To be truthful, not too long at all since I just wrote lyrics yesterday. But none the less, a break from the blogging world of writing. And the forum places. And queries. Agents. Tigers and bears and all that good stuff. So now, I have actually been keeping another blog up to date.
That means blogging EVERY GROOOVY day. And I have been at it for quite a bit now. WOOOO! Thank you. But I miss this blog and the fun of blogging. Anyways, if you have yet to notice, I actually rearranged the whole thing. And my background is kind of black and white. Though I think black and white photography is a stunner. For real. I'm going to add a cool picture to lighten up the place once in a while. And Captain Complex? That's a crazy nickname. Don't ask.
 That was from a forest I went for a walk at. Pretty inspirational. So there, cheers to writing blogs! CC:

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