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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Telling THE Story

Through art you tell a story and I think more of how that story may sometimes be lost when you are writing a novel. STRUCTURE. Sentences...All that blah, yadda da starts to make a story almost generic. And I read lots of stories which I felt almost lacked the juice of emotion in them.

Music per say...Is all about emotion, and in a song, you tell a story.


I Love song-writing! It's amazing how much meaning you can add into lyrics apart from adding the sound which gives it the ultimate story. Thanks to my sis for the awesome picture of me. She's really into Photoshop, so if you ever need anything done, hit me up. So how do you focus on just telling the story?

I feel that many of us start to focus on what people will think. What the agent is looking for. We start to write what we think THEY want to read. And AHHH, that's all messed up. I mean, I do it too sometimes, subconsciously and so many writers do.

I can't say it more than I can write it, if that even makes sense. Write what you feel. What YOU feel. Obviously writing is often about stepping into another persons shoes, and all the more that would be acting. And acting doesn't always turn out well unless you're good at it. So don't ever seize or feel that you should hide your emotions in your writing. Because it's you that will shine.

Let me know how you spill your emotions in your writing...Because that's what it's all about. Telling THE story and the truth and emotion behind the plot.



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