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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Agitating Wait

Query Sent.

You bite your lip.

You check it over to make sure you got everything right.

What if you got the agent's name wrong?

Or what if you missed something?

Darn. But you didn't.

You check your e-mail.

Click. Click. Click.

You wait and click and refresh and read about the agent.

Weeks of clicking are over.

You no longer have fingernails to chew on, you ran out of coffee and red bull.

Should you open it?

It has to be a rejection.

Darn. You click again. They like it!

Manuscript request.

Toast yourself with champagne.

You send it off.

And now you have to wait...Again.

So how do you guys spend time waiting? I personally like to start to work on my next project and the other things I do in this funny thing called life. So, my next project happens to be book 2 of my trilogy. What about you?


  1. I just posted something similar to this! Sometimes I cope by sending out more queries.. sometimes I ban myself from checking email for a whole day. (I never succeed in that). I ALWAYS keep writing my next project!

    I'd say waiting is almost harder than actually writing.

    Good luck!

  2. I try not to think about it. It's hard, though. I work on something else.

    But when those emails come (from partials or full requests) is takes me hours to open them. One even took me a whole day!


  3. Cheyanne: Waiting is way harder. You hav eto somehow distract yourself, oh and I almost forgot, great minds think alike, jk!

    Justine: Wow! I heard that you are running out of agents to query for one of your books :( All luck with you!

  4. Waiting ... I figure it's just part of life from everything to stop lights to agents.

    I send manuscripts off into twilight zone and forget about them until they wander home again.