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Monday, April 9, 2012

BLOG VOICE! Blah! Blah! Blah!

Having your own voice is important in blogging, I can't even say how important it is and thus far. That's why I am blogging on it now. Hey, it's like your online personality. This morning I was waking up and I was like...Hmmm, I wanna blog about something gripping. Voice!

Yes, I've sucked at keeping the blog content up to date but I am revamping the blog and starting to really seriously keep everything up to date and interesting! I don't want you guys to lose interest in the blog and I love to read all your blogs so...

The most important aspect of a successful blog is voice. You gotta yell. Sound just like yourself. I guess it's sort of like talking to your audience in a YouTube Video. If you begin to blah bblah blah and go off topic, people will lose interest which is so not good!

Blogging about writing is a great way to network because hey, maybe soon you will be published. If not, it''s fun. But the main things most blogs lack, I think, is voice and I guess a part of that is just because they are trying to sound too formal. Now, I know a ton of really great blogs you can learn from on the side bar which have amazing voices. Think like you are writing from a character and not from yourself, but maybe in that manner of having found yourself. Do I not make sense?

Alright, I hope that helps.

Let that voice loose :) or tell us how you found your voice!


  1. Great post. I, too, am all about transitions. If something jumps about to abruptly, it throws me off and I lose interest (well, unless it is a frog, because I guess those are supposed to jump around).

    Love your blog! Can't wait to read more. Feel free to check out mine too if you have time:


  2. Awesome blog! I think about voice all the time when writing, but not so much when blogging, so I thought this was a great post.