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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hey everyone! It's raining here, so kinda a great day for writing. What type of weather do you guys like for writing? For me rainy is perfect for my novel setting.

I am also thinking of changing the design of the blog but am unsure because I do like this one. So apart from writing I actually recently started a Youtube channel with my sister. We founded a 100% natural  skincare company called Delizioso Skincare four years ago so we finally decided to launch it with tips and all kinds of stuff, so go on over and check it out :)

I know this has nothing to do with writing but its something that we've been working on. We do videos and how tos so I'm just going to post one here:

We'd love it if you subbed! Either way, Happy Easter cause today IS Sunday. The next post is about voice in blogging, and that is something I am working on. Cheers!


  1. Yeah. Blogging is harder than it looks. I figured I'd just let my grumpy personality shine.

  2. Good post. What you say is very true. So many people try to imitate bloggers or writers that they know are successful, and in doing so lose what makes them unique. They lose out in the end. What they don't realize is that the successful bloggers have developed their own voice, and have stayed true to that. Ps. I have found you through the Absolute Write forums (the YouTube channel thread. I am The Golden Vanguard).