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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Pains of a rewrite...

I am finished! Finally! YES!!!! No, not really. That’s when the sadness comes, or the excitement for some people like me. It's either time for edit like crazy or better yet just rewrite. You might be reading this and being like, rewrite, you kidding? but no I am not, not really i mean. I edited and edited away like crazy until I went crazy but a rewrite was still in order. Why? Because when I started to rewrite I managed correcting so much plot holes, so many fragments and so many errors that I would not have noticed as I edited. Yes I know it might be painful to need to completely start over and rewrite your story, but believe me it is well worth it. Since my first novel I rewrote it to a completely different novel that I am so proud of. The first draft had so many holes, errors and unwanted characters that I simply took away. Yes, be gone you Mary-sue characters. I even decided that making my old antagonist my new protagonist would bring extreme internal conflict to the story. So basically speaking for me, I just rewrote everything practically turning my old project into a completely new novel. I kept a few aspects like one character, but everything else changed. Tell me what you guys think of the pains of a rewrite and whether you choose to do them or not?

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