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Monday, January 25, 2010

What if I can't write now? :(

Sometimes I am about to go to sleep and sudden inspiration comes to mind. I feel as if I could write out thousands of quality words and be proud of them. The scenes are running in my mind as if I am watching a movie, but darn I can’t write now. It’s so late, and I have to go somewhere important at 6 am tomorrow. So I don’t. Sometimes life gets in the way of our writing and for me it interrupts me at the best times. When I come up with the best ideas, and have the best mood. But we all have priorities. Most of us don’t just write, and I have to say that I am thankful for that but that is another story and another blog post. So as I thought of this post I was thinking of ways that we could stimulate our inspirations at the right time, to get everything that we want done and over. When you sit down at a planned time of day and put your fingers over the keyboard ready to write and completely free, nothing comes to mind. It’s the wrong time. Here is a list of whast I do to stimulate my imagination when I am not really in the mood:

• Listen to music. Preferably music that is accustomed to the scene. Music that will bring out emotions in you.

• Shut off your internet! This should probably be number one. I tend to go on the internet when I am writing and that tends to waste valuable time that could have been productive time. I sound organized don’t I? I am not.

• Just type. Try to imagine the scene rolling by in your mind and type what you see as you watch it, what you sense, and what your characters feel. This really helps me when I want to type out a lot, and it works well because when I visually imagine it and describe it the scene feels more real to the readers.

• Think about how much you love your characters! I mean come on, you can’t keep them waiting. You have to start to torture them through your story, and bring them to endure your authorly evil imagination. But you know that in the end they will turn out just fine, at least you enjoyed the process! JK

• And last but not least nothing! I hope that you guys can add to this list and tell me what you do!


  1. what do I do when I can't get the words out? Ummm. Eat chocolate. Pace the floor. Go read someone else's book (I have a nearly complete collection of Reader's Digest Condensed Books so I have a very wide variety of tales to choose from), take a walk (helps get the oxygen flowing to the brain). Just a few strategies I use. Sometimes they work. Sometimes it's a real struggle. Good luck with yours.

  2. Good Ideas! I think I frogot to mention walking.