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Saturday, July 16, 2011

HUGE Blog Contest!

I miss blogging so much. Life has gotten sooo in the way, and of course so has writing. I've been waiting to do this blogging contest and I did plan to do it earlier...No excuses. My bad. But by now, I've definitely stocked up on more things to give away! Woot!

Let me start with your fave part, and mine too of course. The prizes!
Oh and did I forget to mention that this is my 100th post? From now on, I'm going to try to make blogging daily. I'm really behind.

First place:

- A brand new copy of Divergent by Veronica Roth, Graceling by Cashore, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!!! That is not even all....Scroll down.

- You ALSO get a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate! Awesome!
- And a critique of your query and partial by yours truly, me. I have experience with these things and I was just recently offered representation which I'm putting on hold, but that is another post.

So that is that for the first place. I think I'd like to win that myself!

Second place:

- You still get a copy of Divergent, but you also get the chance to win my second $25 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Third Place: Last but not at all least! You get an e-book PDF version of Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card and a critique of your query and partial by me. Great book by the way, and the cover is sick!

The rules: There have to be rules, right?

To enter simply leave your name and e-mail in the comment sections.
To get extra points:
Add 5 points if you blog about this contest. You have to add a link and add up your points.
Add 1 point for tweeting about the contest. Once again, add the link please.
Add 5 points if you are an old follower or if you're new add 2(if you followed me before today).
Have fun!


***Contest ends October 13!!! so hurry! 


  1. Hey! I've missed reading you! What the deadline on this contest? I'll be back with some links for you.

  2. Okay... Links:



    And an old follower.

    I think that's 9 points total?

    Now stick around and keep posting!

  3. What? No points for NEW stalkers? Boo!

    Oh fine, I'll link you anyway... but only because I really, REALLY want that copy of Divergent! Haha ( :

    P.s. Kudos to you for trying to blog EVER day. Whew! That sounds difficult! You go, girl!

  4. Ooops... name and email... guess I should do that:

    Blog Link:
    Tiwtter: I'm lame.... no account

    P.s. Does this give me another point since I'm posting TWO comments?! ( :

  5. Ooh, congrats on 100 posts! And the offer of representation! :D

  6. I'm going to add 2 points for new followers. I love new followers :) Thanks Julie, and all you guys. I've entered you

  7. How fun! Here is my email - jenniefire (at) yahoo (dot) com
    I'll talk about this on my blog Thursday

  8. Hey! I'm new and always feel awkward about entering contests that way, but I just discovered your blog through kayeleen's. So don't count me in the contest. I just wanted to say hi and follow. :)


  9. I'm like Nisa, I just discovered you through Kayeleen. I'll be back :)

  10. ooo, this sounds fun! I want a copy of Divergent really bad!!!

    I'll post a link up on my blog:

    here's my e-mail:

  11. Like Nisa and Sarah, I discovered this blog through Kayeleen (does she get extra points for that? :D ) I've been snooping around here and I like what I see. It's always nice to meet other bloggers and I'm glad to meet you. ;)

  12. How fun!!!

    here is my blog;

    and my email

  13. I am DYING to read Divergent. Great prizes!

    Eliza Tilton
    elizafaith13 (at) gmail (dot) com

    old follower and tweeted!/ElizaTilton/status/92610377032024064

    I think that's 6?

  14. What an incredible contest with great prizes! My email is aycockj[at]gmail[dot]com. I'll come back and comment again with a blog link :)

  15. This is really wonderful! And I've JUST discovered your blog, it's really great :) Will keep checking it out!

    2 points cos I'm brand spanking new :)

  16. Name: Allison Ridley

    Email: allison.ridley (at) gmail (dot) com

    +1 for tweeting:!/AllisonRidley/status/93011496405188608
    +2 for being a new follower!

    (So 3 extra point total! Yay!)

  17. Wow, such a generous contest, thank you! Not to mention, I'm glad to meetyou! I tweeted!!/ali_cross/statuses/93026252759379968 (1 pt), and I'm a new follower! (3 pt).

    ali cross, ali at alicross dot com!

  18. open internationally? please?
    Dayse Ddantas
    +2 for being a new follower!

  19. Followed today (2 points)
    Tweeted (1 point)

    A lowly 3 points. Can I tweet multiple times for more points?

  20. Great giveaway, and congrats on hitting the 100th post! It's super ambitious of you to try and post daily, so good luck with that.

    jennab.writer(at)gmail(dot)com (new follower)

    Thanks again!

  21. Nisa - Hi! Thanks for the follow :)
    Cherie - Nice to meet you too :)
    Yes, the contest is open internationally! You CAN tweet multiple time. I've got all your entries entered!! Lets keep em coming till the deadline.

  22. Excellent! I should probably get an extra 5 points... just for pointing out the flaw ( ;

  23. Sounds like a fun and exciting contest. Thanks for the chance to win some great books!

    Here's my Tweet post worth 1 point:!/adriannas (it's the most recent tweet).

    I'm an old follower, so that's worth 5 points.

    Finally, here's my blog post about the contest: (worth 5 points)

    Total: 11 points! Yay!

    Here's my contact info: adrianna.bayer(at)gmail(dot)com And my name is Adrianna Bayer Simone

    Thanks for offering such a fun contest!

  24. Hi Ariel,
    Thanks for offering us this opportunity.
    Always glad to find a new writing blog.

    Twitter: no account.

    And a new follower.

    I think that's 7 points.

    I'll use the cheesiest line ever: I'll be back. Terrible. I know.

  25. Thanks for the great contest! Those are some great prizes.
    I'm a new follower: 2 points.
    I guess that's all!



  26. Wonderful contest!

    Kimberly Lynn Workman

  27. New Follower!
    Hope I'm not late :)
    E-mail is: