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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Damn hardship of writing.....

Ok. I am frustrated. Officially. Well at least I was yesterday, and I am thinking to myself "What are you frustrated about it's sunny and there is no snow?" but just as so many of us, I can't get my plot to shine through my query. I am literally four chapters of revisions away from the end and I can't write a proper query. So I do many query critiques and I can really see where the query is weak and where it can be improved but staring at my own query is like staring at a whiteboard. I can't notice any issues because I know what my story is about! But I am not giving up hope. What I am trying to do is simply to erase all my thoughts and ask myself the three questions that are supposed to help...

Who is your MC?

What is his (in my case it's a guy) goal?

and how will he achieve his goal?

As of today I am still struggling with the perfect query particularly because I have so much sub-plot and twists. I have no problems with the manuscript..I have betas that love it and love the story and are rooting for me but...The dreaded Query. Oh and did I mention that I still haven't started the synopsis and that I planned of sending out queries back in January. Was I that crazy? I guess the new year was keaping my mind very fuzzy lol. So how do you write the perfect query? What strategy do you use?


  1. May I make a suggestion from the ignorant?

    One of the things I've noticed is that all the "great query" examples I've read emphasize the conflict that prevents the main character from achieving their goal.

    As for writing a perfect query, I'm a failure. I've only gotten a few scattered requests for partials before rejection.

  2. My query is crap. My synopsis is EXCELLENT: I am incredibly happy with it. But my query crappeth. Big time.

    Trying to write my query makes me fret that my entire novel is crap, and that's why my query just won't come out anywhere near right. I have no answers, just commiseration.

    My understanding is that subplots don't show up in the query at all. They only present the MC's main goal, and what's preventing them from achieving it, like Kay said.