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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The End

Lot's of us are anxious to get to the end, yet lots of us aren’t. I love to write about my characters so I guess I am neither anxious nor do I fear the end. Especially that I decided to make my book a trilogy. But anyways I came to so many posts about a great beginning but not too many on endings. Of course it really depends. I have read books that leave the ending...hmm....let’s just say not really an ending. There is no end. The strings are still loose and it makes me a bit frustrated because I spent time to read the novel and the end sucks. Many books I have come upon had a bad ending. There was this one book for example that had a great beginning. Intriguing, gripping and interesting but when I got to the end it turned so weird that I didn't even want to read it. Let's just say the whole beginning and middle of the book was very realistic and then at the end all of a sudden there are some kind of evil demons and angels.

Now, it really depends on whether you are writing a stand alone novel or a trilogy/saga etc. But still since you would be querying one novel you have to query as a stand alone so the difficulty for me was to tie the ends yet keep my options open for the next novel. Since my very first novel I have learnt allot about ending, beginnings, rules etc. Many of theses things from other people's informative blogs and many from books. I have also learnt that you can't have one of your major characters die at the end. Because that sucks!

So endings are very different but how do you reach yours? Are there any specific types of endings you enjoy or hate?


  1. Well, since I write romance, all my endings are happily ever afters. All together now..."Awwwhh" ;-)

    For me, I like fly through the first half of the book and then I tend to hit a lull. A road block that trips me up for weeks, or maybe even months. But once I get past it, the end comes just as fast as the beginning. I've got a trilogy type thing going on right now, too, and I think it may be the hardest of anything I've written.


  2. I love subtle and fast endings - like 3 paragraphs after the climax. Portnoy's Complaint and Catcher in the Rye types of endings. I cannot stand endings that drag over 50 pages.

  3. Justine - Happens to me sometimes. I start so excited in the beginning but then...

    disobidient writer - I don't think that I have ever came across such long endings. Do you have any examples?