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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Cleaning!!!

Time for a clean up on my blog and no more random blurby posting! Ok so I saw a couple blogs organizing I think one of them was Justine’s (go check it out) and I thought it was a great idea! So here goes my lovely new organized stuff. Mondays: Will be publishing day. So any types of tips re queries, synopsis' landing an agent and such. Tuesdays: I will leave blank for now because I am not starting a military regimen here people! Wednesdays: Will be interview day! Awesome right? Agents, authors and just us writers! I have lots of authors already interested and agents and interns and editors are on their way. If you are interested to be interviewed let me know or leave a comment. Thursdays: will be review days when I can make a review on a book on an agency that replied quickly or on whatever I please. Fridays: Well I am about to let loose my queries so when I do fridays will be my stat days with updated about how many rejections I got and with rejection letters posted for you guys to laugh at.. JK Saturdays and Sundays: I will give keep those freebie days to myself for now! so there you go and today I will be posting an intreview with an author of the novel called 'Nora's Soul' .


  1. Sound interesting. Hope your resolutions stick better than mine.

  2. Sweet! I love organization!! ;-)