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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A great start...

When you just start a book and stare at the blank white page with the little flashing black line you blank out. Sometimes at least. Even if your beginning came out great at the beginning and you loved how it started and how it flowed, as you are finishing your novel you look back to it and it sucks. As most writers know a beginning is very important in order to hook the reader, and AGENT. Yes that is right. Since agents first look at the beginning you need a great, solid hook. Now I am not trying to give advice here because I am having my own troubles with the bginning now, but the opinions tend to be very divers. Is it better to start amidst action/battle? Or is it better to develop your character through description before diving in. what do you prefer?


  1. I like novels that dive in, personally. Character description only works for me if the character's thoughts or descriptions are fascinatingly fresh.

    I know what you mean about beginnings; I always wind up having to rewrite mine even when I thought they were perfect at the time I wrote them!

  2. Yeah, my first beginning of a novel started with the waking up and amnesia sort of thing and I never realized how cliché it was. My new beginning starts in medias res a.k.a battle. So I guess it works better that way.