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Friday, February 26, 2010

The overdone characters...

My blog readers, I am not even speaking for Mary Sue. I am speaking about any type of characters that have been so overdone in fiction that you hate them coming up in your novel. But what if you have characters like these in your novel already? I personally try to spark it up. I mean I write fantasy and I will speak about overused fantasy roles but the only way out is creating a person who is there with you. A person that you have thought out so well that you actually feel they are there with you when you write. Us writers, we really are strange. I have made up a list of overdone characters in all types of genres. Leave a comment and add to it because I don't think that I have gotten everything or everyone.

The first one that I can think of is the Blonde Bimbo. Those characters drive me nuts, or should I say those girls? They whine about breaking a nail and worry about the stupidest things in life when there are people dying of poverty. Not a great example but you probably see where I am going. I mean why read about a girl who I can read without reading about her?

Second... Let me think... I got it! The nerd. Nerds always have giant glasses and sleazy hair and are super smart. Right. You don't have to be a nerd to have intellect.

Third...The cool bad boy who isn't really bad at all. I like bad at times, I like dark, and I like mystery but when they try too hard it just doesn't flow. Gosh, am I talking about characters as if they were real? lol.

Fourth...Ok this is something I have seen many times and I hate it quite a bit. The kid who rescues humanity. Darn right. This kid is simply amazing. Did I mention that adults would never listen to kids and that kids would not be hired as spies? This is OK for MG but high YA or Adult is a no no.

Fifth...What about the main character that is so great and oh amazing, but then...they need someone to save them! They have been practicing and practicing and working but then when the time comes they turn to cowardice. I am not saying that the main character has to be amazing, but man, have some guts!

Sixth...The oh so knowledgeable master of the universe and of life. Do you know one? I don’t. No body knows everything. I know I don't at least and some tell me I am a know it all. Not really to be honest.

Seventh...The dark vampire that is attractive to live humans yet evil. It has been done. In fact vampires have been overdone. Of course originality is what many of us are born with, so if you have a vampire story with a super weird twist then let me know.

Ok. I am done here for now. Do you guys have any more to add to the list?


  1. Hmm..yeah - I've got one. The country bumpkin. You know, the city girl thrown in the country and flounders around at everything!

    Or, the evil "other", be it a wife, husband, mother-in-law, etc.

    Those are the two I can think of ;-)

  2. Good Ones Justine! I am sure there's thousands more out there. I just can't think of them. lol.