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Friday, February 26, 2010

Coming up with a great name for your main character

Second post for today but I have skipped quite a bit so I thought I could make it up now. Naming a character is important. Not so important that you would get rejected for having a weird name but very important. Sometimes though you have to push away the weirdness factor because you love your characters name and it isn't weird to you at all. So particularly in fantasy many names tend to be weird but then you get used to them. Especially names that I can read through but then when I say them they are tongue twisters. So what is your characters name, why did you pick it and how stuck are you to it?


  1. Man, I'm totally stuck to ALL my characters names. Let's remember I write romance, so I have two main characters in each book.

    1st book: Jaimie & Elliott
    2nd book: Savannah & Xavier (these two are my fav)
    3rd book: Samantha & Lance (pretty fond of these as well)

    How did I come up with them? Well, they just kind of....came. It's hard to explain. Weird-right?

  2. I love the names of your second book. They resonate in a way, at least to me!

  3. I'm like Justine -- stuck on my characters name, mostly because I get them in my mind before the storylines.

    1 -- Mariah del Oesti and Ashton
    2 -- Britt Kelly and Cahal
    3 -- Emma Kloken and, her brother, Marcus
    4 -- Maren Valentaine and Rane

  4. am so stuck myself, you wouldn't even believe how much. Kay I really like your names! 1st and last I like the best but what I noticed is that you guys have so much novels going on! Speaking of that thats another blog post for another day :)