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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Unreal vs. Real

  Even in Fantasy you HAVE to keep in mind that you have to keep things real. This is probably what bothers me the most in books and movies and tell me if I am wrong but I think this aspect can bother every one. Firstly don't you hate when there is a main character which is SUPER, I mean really super? No, let me make myself clear. I mean something like, you he/she can't be bruised they don't get hurt and they always win. This is a common mistake that every body makes in Fantasy and it's not like readers don't notice. What fun it is to read of a character that is immortal awesome, and simply unbeatable? No fun at all. We look for characters that we can relate to, and characters that we can sympathize and root for. But we can't root for someone that doesn't die or get hurt. This is just one of my examples, but there are many aspects that are like that is Fantasy. I mean the times when stories get FAR too unrealistic. I am talking about some sort of SUPER unrealistic. So weird that it isn't even interesting anymore.

So how do you keep it real? Well I am certainly not saying to not make cool creatures or to not make amazing MC's. All I am trying to say through this post is to keep it possible. Keep it as real as you would imagine is possible. I mean every time I sit down to write, I engross myself in my world. In the mountain ranges of my nation and in the city walls and castles of where they live. In imagination, I live there myself, making it more and more real as I go on. Making my world more and more descriptive. What do you guys do to keep it real in Fantasy?

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