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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Absolute Write February Blog Chain

I tend to heart blog chains when they come. I love to see the very different opinions on one subject and for this time we will be seeing different characters. Yay! Sweet. Oh, did I mention we are talking antagonists? Even better. I'm currently on the publishing road with my YA Fantasy novel, so I don't want to disclose too much now, but I will be discussing my antagonist for my new adult fantasy. So there is two parts to this chain and these are...

Part one: Describe the antagonist in your novel in 50 words or less.

"Escalanto is a dark man. Not even a man, more a ruler that is sinned to the point where he can no longer be trapped within the limits of a human body by the gods. When he rips away, he will take everything, along with the power that earth holds."

Part two: What would you say to your antagonist if you met him or her in real life? Post a scene in response to this question in 100 words or less.

Me: "Why did they ban you to human form?"

Escalanto: Glares at me and says in his raspy voice, "Give it a wild guess."

Me: Shrugs.

Escalanto: Laughs. "Why don't you let me show you."

He reaches his hand out to me. I feel the chill of his hand, the bitterness of his gaze and I take a step back.

Sweet! He is quite a dark fellow, yet he has a big story behind him and this novel is really an idea I am super excited about. Read all the other awesome entries on AW and comment :)

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  1. Pure evil and loving it. Good stuff.

  2. I love me some bad guys! Well done!

    PD Dooley

  3. Wow, he seemns quite cold and evil. Wouldn't want to meet him in the middle of the night, or anytime during the day for that matter.

  4. nice job! I wonder what he was going to do to her...

  5. "The chill of his hand and bitterness of his gaze" was all you had to say to convince me. Well done!

  6. I especially love his name. So fun to say out loud :)

  7. Thanks so much guys! Its nice to hear that my antagonist is creepy, lols.

  8. An excellent "RUN!!!!" moment!

  9. He sounds extremely creepy, and yeah I would be running instead of asking him a question. LOL.

  10. I think I notice a hint of your character's purpose in his name, with "escalant" being the Spanish word for scale, in that he wishes to "scale" to the next level. Intentional?

  11. Yes! Glad you noticed. Also I love latin and spanish, which can sound so evil with such words.

  12. @nonexistentbooks, I was thinking the same thing.