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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Struck...

February. The month of love. In that case, happy Valentine's day. So many great love stories come from great novels and scripts. Think about love struck Romeo and his love. Probably the greatest love story of all time. Yes, I have read the play. Nearly every single novel I read and every single movie I watched had "Love" in them. Perhaps it is because love it the one emotion that we all endure through life. Perhaps it is because people enjoy love, or perhaps it is because it is a feeling we all understand. Whether it be parental love or romantic love.

The main thing when weaving romantic tension between two characters is that it needs to be believable. I can't emphasize that enough. If it isn't believable the tension is simply not there and the reader won't care. Nearly every fantasy has a romance, whether it be a triangle or a classic weave, but it is the way that it is told in the back story that makes it "great." The way the characters interact and the way that descriptive words are used.

Another important aspect in weaving love into your novel is having like able characters. Both of them or three of them. Many stories are based highly on love despite having a different genre. So, who knows. Maybe your novel will be the next best love tale.



  1. I got a couple books published a few years ago. Yes, it was nice to be able to hold them and turn the pages and so on, but it's a tough business. My agent tried to sell my vampire book for a year. Didn't happen. Editors didn't want to read it because of the Twilight thing. So I am on a journey to publishing an ebook. My blog has some writing advice on it, but I'm also going to talk about my success or failure with ebooks as I move along. The way I see it, my books are just sitting on the computer doing nothing. If I only sell a few, at least I got someone to read it. I have a couple sample chapters on my blog if you want a look. I wanted to follow your blog, but I don't see the follow button anywhere.

  2. Oh, the follow button is on the right bar. I'll follow you too.