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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So, what if an agent finds your blog?

So, What if an AGENT locates your blogity blog???
This post is actually inspired by a question that was asked on absolute write.

Agents are people. I can say that a million times over, they are no different than us. Some authors have that strange thought of agents being query reading machines. They search and they represent what they personally enjoy. They are people, yet they are busy people who don't want to waste time searching each person who queries them. So if you've queried them and were rejected, they probably never searched you up. When an agent is interested, that's a different story. They may search up your name to try to better know you before they make the call. They just may land on your blog and they just may be reading the very words we write. But in what measure does that affect representation? Well, if your blog is written horribly and your grammar is terrible, I’m not so sure they would decline the offer. Maybe, they would talk to you and talk and wonder. Maybe they would reconsider.

In a way, I started my blog, knowing that its such a fun thing to do. Also, I wanted to be out there when I query, so the agent knows that I am here for the long run. Personally, I may have some grammar mistakes (hurried), but I feel that a blog is a great way to be a part of all the amazing writers out there and show the agent you query that you are really out there and that you are really committed. Of course, it has to be a working blog to show that. Claps to you all for keeping up such great blogs which I love to read! Keep it up and you never know, an agent just may find you accidentally. Speaking of that, did you know I actually connected with an agent through a forum and got a request?



  1. Funnily enough, I didn't end up doing a blog to build up an audience or to attract an agent. I just did it because I needed someplace to stick all my research, my thoughts, and links to really good articles. I figured I might as well just share what I've found. Hopefully, if an agent does run a search on me, s/he'll like what they find but I don't mind either way. I like feeling helpful.

    Your blog's pretty swell, by the way. I LOVE the lay-out. Very pretty. Very simple.

  2. Shannon, not funny at all! True for many of us. Thanks so much for the nice comment! Cheers!

  3. Congrats on the request! I know of some writers who landed a request because an agent found her blog. Not sure how that happened. "Geez, I'm bored. Forget queries. I think I'll stalk some blogs." ;)

  4. Stina, Thanks so much! When I contacted the agent through the forum, I didn't expect an answer. I got one. You never know until you try.

  5. I've been doing a little "soul-searching" about the direction of my blog ... and this blog hit the target on my backside.

    I often use veracular on my blog ... which ain't hardly gramatikal.