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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

VOICE - Getting the hang of it

It was very recently, that I took a lot of note to voice. I even started paying attention to how I speak to others, how others speak, how they act, in order to bring out the best of my characters. The most real. But that's off topic. That's dialogue. Voice is a tricky subject. Every author has a voice, yet it is something that is developed over time. We each carry our own unique personalities. I can guarantee you that no one is the same as every one. No one has the same voice. In a novel, voice is the core, its the grip factor. Sometimes voice makes you pick up a novel and sometimes voice makes you put a novel down. The major issue with voice it that you have to find it. You have to release it.

Voice is the way your writing sounds upon paper, the way your writing sounds when you read it aloud. It makes your writing different, unique (make sure that's in a good way). When I read something by one of my favorite writers, I often have the feeling that no one else could have written it. In most good writing, the individuality of the writer comes through. When we sense this individuality, we’re picking up on the writer’s voice. Voice is the way your character experiences the plot of the story. It's the way he/she sees the setting and feels the emotion. My main advice, to find your writers voice is to write and write. When I started out I didn't know voice. Hell, I didn't know what a query was. Just a couple months ago, my writing suddenly shifted. I started writing and everything began coming our differently. I compared. I could SEE the difference. Of course, I hurried and began to rewrite my novel with voice for the publisher that's still awaiting. I had to. I got addicted to my new voice. I can't actually say new, because the later was more just simple telling. There was no spark to it, no sophistication. Voice may be something you can't really describe in a simple post, for it may takes years to find your hidden voice, but it is something you shall search for. It's worth finding your true voice in the end. Trust me.



  1. It's an incredible feeling, reading those words you've labeled so hard on, and hearing your voice. Once you recognize this part of your writing, your voice becomes as personal and intimate to you as your personality. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. I certainly have found my voice. Time will tell if it's a good one that people would like to read.

  3. Working hard on this! I'm often surprised at how sarcastic and dry my real writing voice actually is. I think a lot of the time I try to pretty it up and make myself sound more pleasant. I'm finding people actually prefer the first one. They seem to think it's funny...

  4. Indigo: Well said :)

    Shannon: I suppose we never really know until others read, but...Opinions are different.

    Martinelli: I'd say stick to whatever is YOU. If you change it, it will affect the quality and your style. Cheers!