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Monday, February 21, 2011

Covers that Rocked!!!

I am all about the covers and I decided to dedicate today to the awesome covers that are out there in the YA section. Thses are the covers I picked up when I was buying books and I have to say that the artists did an amazing job!

So check out these great novels. Also an update...
If you don't already follow the YA Lit Six. Follow them. They are YA (like myself) that write YA. Their blog is great and they have great advice as well as a sweet contest that is now on. Don't we all love contests? I know I do. I actually won once from Freckle Head. Woot! So here is your chance to win some amazing prizes and even a copy of "Rain" signed by the author. The prizes are...

First prize: A signed copy of Rain by our very own Kieryn Nicolas, a custom header/button combo made by the lovely Katie from KD Designs (who made our gorgeous blog button) and a full manuscript critique from all of us.

Second and third prizes: A custom blog button from Katie (see how awesome she is?), and a critique of your first chapter by all of us.

Check them out and follow. Happy Writing.



  1. Very cool. I was discussing whether or not traditional books and mags will go by the wayside in the e-book era on my site.

    These covers and your admiration of them remind me of the transition from LP's to CD's. We lost a lot of cover art, (inside jacket and back cover) some of which would hold my interest for days, even weeks.

    I pray the same doesn't happen in the publishing industry. I love book covers.

    Great topic.

  2. Those covers are amazing! I love walking through a bookstore and seeing all these pretty designs.

  3. I thought it was a little strange that "Orson Scott Card" was so big, and Pathfinder was so much smaller. It almost looked like the title was the author's name to me. But it's still a gorgeous cover!